September 04, 2010

I have returned

So I was going to post about all this sports stuff (Packers, Badgers, Spurs Champions League Debut, etc.) but that whole thesis and moving thing got in the way. Funny how that goes. Besides the thesis and the move, I've also been sucked into Starcraft 2, as I knew I would. Luckily I was self-aware enough to hold off purchasing it until after I defended my thesis. It's pretty awesome. It's like they took the Starcraft that was so awesome from ~14 years ago and managed to overlay a Firefly vibe over top of it as well as adding in an achievement system that pushes my completionist buttons. Bastards. You win again, Blizzard. You win again.

In the intervening time I have also read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which are on the pending review list. Season predictions to come too.

I'm off to watch the UW-UNLV game tonight with the Austin Badger alums. Should be a good time. Hooray for college football!!

Tomorrow we're going to see Kevin McDonald, our favorite Kid in the Hall not once, but twice as part of the Out of Bounds Comedy festival. Seeing the Kids in the Hall reunion tour a few years ago is easily one of my top 5 highlights of our time in Madison.