October 06, 2006

Also, Grady Little is an Idiot

The Dodgers are getting smoked by the Mets, in no small part due to Little's gross mismanagement of his bullpen. He keeps bringing in shaky former starters when he could be bringing in his successful relievers, who are used to pitching in relief and healthy. He's just doing it to spite my pick that the Dodgers would sweep the Mets. Whoops.

October 03, 2006

Okay, I'm an idiot

So I had the playoff matchups wrong in the AL. Let's fix this with new predictions (along with new info about the teams)

A's over Twins in 4
Yankees over Tigers in 4
Dodgers over Mets in 3
Padres over Cardinals in 4

A's over Yankees in 7
Dodgers over Padres in 6

A's over Dodgers in 5

With Santana losing today, the Twins are in deep, deep trouble, especially against Oakland's potent rotation. The Mets are similarly in trouble, as it seems 3 members of their intended playoff rotation is injured in some way or another and can't start game 1 (Pedro - out for playoffs, El Duque - some sort of strain, Glavine - not ready yet). Their pitching is just a mess.

October 02, 2006

Playoff Predictions

So I was pretty wrong about my preseason playoff predictions. Here are the current matchups:


Here's how it should beak down
Twins over Yankees in 5 (Santana wins 2 games)
A's over Tigers in 4
Dodgers over Mets in 4
Padres over Cardinals in 4

A's over Twins in 6
Dodgers over Padres in 7

A's over Dodgers in 5