March 25, 2011

Wisconsin loses in Sweet 16 to Butler

I can't really say I'm surprised by this loss. Even aside from how flat the team has looked since the end of the regular season, it's tough to bet on a UW squad to go far in the tournament. The blueprint has been the same all the way back to the pre-Bo days: play defense, and hope someone gets hot. No one did today. At least the Law of Gus tried to make an appearance.

Aside from all the bricks, one thing that drove me craziest in tonight's game was the announcers complaining that Wisconsin was shooting too many jump shots. Hello, Gus Johnson? How many Wisconsin games did you watch this year? That's UW's game. They live and die by the jump shot.

I made a last-minute change to have UW go to the elite 8 in my bracket - I originally had them losing in the second round to K-State. For quite a while, K-State was actually my pick out of the mess that is the southeast bracket. Really though, I didn't like any of the top 5 teams in the bracket. If I had remembered that Butler went to the final four last year that might have been enough for me to pick them to win it. Instead I have Florida winning that region.

March 09, 2011

Various cubs blogs to join forces (Updated)

This hasn't been much of a Cubs blog lately, as most of my Cubs writing has been happening over at Another Cubs Blog for quite a while now. As was announced on Monday, ACB is going to close its doors sometime in the near future (we really mean it this time!). We're forming a new Cubs blog (address TBA) with Adam Kellogg of And Counting and Tim McGinnis of Tales from Aisle 424. Much like The Planeteers, with our Powers Combined we will reforge our snarky, sometimes stat-flavored powers to ramble and rant about the Cubs with a 37% increase in efficiency. I guess I'm the communist one. Obviously Koyie Hill is Captain Cubs.

I'll keep this blog around to ramble about all the other non-baseball things I sporadically ramble about. Once we finish putting the finishing touches on the new site I'll drop a link here.

UPDATE: The new blog is named Obstructed View (, and it will launch on 3/27. See you there!