September 24, 2010

Preview: Austin Peay at Wisconsin

Since UW is favored by a whopping 43 points in this game there isn't much to preview. So I guess we'll do some edjumacation on Austin Peay instead.

I thought Austin Peay was a Texas School, since they love throwing Stephen F. Austin's name in everything, but in fact it's an old school in central Tennessee that was named after a former governor of TN. The fact that "Leadership" is one of their departments makes me place them on the same level as my hometown's college (ugh). I should probably give it the benefit of the doubt though, seeing as it's been around much longer than a decade. Their men's basketball team has made the NCAA tournament twice in the past decade, only to be stomped by Louisville and Texas in the first round.

Also, their school cheer is "Let's go Peay!". I bet their athletic department's true strength is in watersports *rimshot*