September 18, 2010

Spurs 3 - 1 Wolves

Spurs got off to a great start but couldn't find the net in the first half, largely due to some great saves by Wolves keeper Hahnemann. The most telling stat was shots fired: Spurs took 25 shots to Wolves 6. At one point late in the first half Spurs had posession of the ball twice as long as Wolves. However, after Wolves rammed in a well-executed goal just before the half (yet another just before halftime goal conceded by Spurs), it was looking like it would be another game where Spurs dominated but only came out with a point, at best. I missed most of what led to the first goal but either Kaboul was hurting or Harry was pissed at him, as he subbed him about a minute before halftime.

Spurs finally picked up an equalizer on a Van Der Vaart penalty in the 76th minute. Then Pavs came in for Keane and redeemed his awful start against WBA with the game-winner just before injury time. Hutton slammed in the insurance goal in stoppage time to make what looked like another disappointing game for Spurs into a rout.

VdV (pen) 76'
Pavs 87'
Hutton 90'

Game ball: Van Der Vaart
I didn't expect him to be fit enough to play, let alone have the great start he did. He caused all sorts of problems for Wolves defenders in the first half and Spurs looked much less lackluster on offense than they did vs Werder Bremen. I'm excited to see how the offense looks once Modric gets back.

I'd love to see more Pavs in the lineup over Keane. I like that Harry came out with this 4-4-2 lineup but Keane hasn't looked all that great out there. This team really misses Defoe.

Arsenal on Tuesday. COYS.