September 07, 2010

Bowl projections

I don't know enough about the landscape of college football to make bowl projections, but I've enjoyed Bama Hawkeye's projections over the last season or two (my memory is pretty hazy as to when I started reading those). I groaned when I saw the matchup that was projected for Wisconsin: Wisconsin-Auburn at the Capital One Bowl in, yet again, Orlando. Maybe Bielema and Alvarez can light a fire under the team to go undefeated due to the fact that they don't want to have to buy condos in Orlando, given how often Wisconsin has been there. Let's take a look at the last 10 years.

Bowls the last 10 years for Wisconsin:
2002 Alamo (San Antone) vs Colorado (remember when they were good)
2003 Music City (Nashville) vs Auburn (I was at this game!)
2004 Outback (Tampa) vs Georgia
2005 Capital One (Orlando) vs Auburn
2006 Capital One (Orlando) vs Arkansas
2007 Outback (Tampa) vs Tennessee
2008 Champs (Orlando) vs FSU
2009 Champs (Orlando) vs Miami

Hrm. They've played in Orlando quite often (in fact, I was at their last bowl game outside the Tampa-Orlando corridor), but haven't played Auburn as often as I remember. Maybe I'm just remembering many end-of-season projections that had the programs playing each other. I also have zero memory of the Colorado, Georgia, or Tennessee bowl games.