September 13, 2010

Crappy journalism

Gene Wojciechowski on yesterday's game:

On fourth-and-1 at the Packers' 42, Vick was stuffed like cheesesteak into a roll. Green Bay got the ball and Aaron Rodgers genuflected three times before the clock ran out. The Packers left with a 27-20 win, but it wasn't anything Rodgers is going to put on his Facebook page.

This has the trifecta of crappy journalism in my book - first a lousy and unnecessary simile related to one of the teams. Seriously, do you think a cheesesteak reference will show that you're hip with Philly? Followed by the unnecessary use of 'genuflected' when 'kneeled' would have worked just fine. This just feels like a smug insertion for the author to show that he's smarter than the average fan. Finally, a reference to Facebook to show that you're hip with the new-fangled social media.


Anonymous said...

Yeah that is pretty crappy.

AK said...

Is cheese steak stuffed roughly into a roll? Or did the Green Bay defense stuff Michael Vick firmly but carefully to avoid tearing his buns? Also, I think genuflecting is traditionally a sign of worship or subservience. Why would a writer use that in reference to the winning team . . . unless they were Notre Dame?