September 09, 2010

NFL season predictions

A lot of analysts are high on the Packers this season, and I don't blame them. I covered most of my own thoughts about the Packers (and the NFC North) in this post from a month ago, and a few things have changed. For one, I was snookered by the Favre retirement rumors. But even with Favre back I don't really see the need to change the projection much, as he has ongoing ankle problems, Sidney Rice is out for half the season, and Harvin is having issues with debilitating migraines. They still have a great defense and Adrian Peterson, but it's not enough.

Here's my Packers predictions, week by week
@Philly W
Buffalo W
@Bears W
Lions W
@Skins W
Dolphins W
Vikes W
@Jets L
Cowboys L
@Vikes L
@Falcons W
Niners W
@Lions W
@Pats L
Giants W
Bears W

Total: 12-4

NFC North:
Packers: 12-4
Vikings: 9-7
Lions: 6-10
Bears: 5-11

Playoff Teams:
Packers 12-4
Saints 12-4
Niners 11-5
Giants 10-6
Falcons 10-6
Vikings 9-7

Colts 12-4
Chargers 11-5
Pats 11-5
Ravens 11-5
Bengals 10-6
Jets 9-7

WC Round
Ravens over Jets
Bengals over Pats
Falcons over Giants
Vikings over Niners

Round 2
Packers over Falcons
Saints over Vikings
Ravens over Chargers
Colts over Bengals

Conference Championships
Packers over Saints
Ravens over Colts

Super Bowl
Packers vs Ravens (no pick...)

Some other predictions:
Redskins 6-10
Cowboys 9-7
Eagles 8-8
Steelers 8-8