December 09, 2009


Snow shut down the university and most of the city today. According to the forecasters we're supposed to get 13 to 18 inches. Most of the reports coming in from the morning have been in the 14-18 inch range, and it's still snowing. Here's what I woke up to:

The snow itself is quite beautiful - we took Kira out last night during the storm and things were pretty serene. It's the kind of wet, sticky snow that likes to stick to trees. Only problem is, it's also heavy. There have been widespread reports of people losing power/cable etc around town due to falling branches. My neighbor/landlord said that two branches fell off the tree in front of our houses this morning but missed the power lines. It's supposed to be really cold tonight, and for the next few days (sub-zero temps expected tonight). Luckily our furnace is all gas, so at least we'll have heat and the ability to cook things (gas stove) if the power goes out.

Kira is not a fan of snow that is taller than she is - she prefers snow to rain but only tolerates it until it's as high as her belly. I tried to get a shot of the snow in our partially-shoveled driveway with her for scale, but she's just too elusive to get the shot I wanted. Turned out to be a good pic of Kira though.

She's having a harder time seeing in the snow - her vision is already so limited that all she can probably see is white. When we took her out last night she was pretty much just picking a direction and walking that way, hoping it was the sidewalk. Now that more walks are shoveled it's not so bad though