September 19, 2010

Preview: Bills at Packers

The Packers are favored by 13 points in this game, and that's a conservative line I think. The Bills are a mess. They have a great weapon in LEEEEE Evans but have no one who can throw it to him. They do have a decent pass defense but that's about it. It's tough to win a game on your secondary alone.

The big story of the game for the Packers is Brandon Jackson - how well will he do in his first game as starter? Luckily they have a gimme week for him to get his feet wet. I like Jackson, but Kuhn is the only realistic backup here and I'm incredibly underwhelmed at the thought of Kuhn getting more than 2 carries in a game. I've seen some speculation that the Packers might go after troubled Bills RB Marshawn Lynch, but I'm guessing the Bills are waiting until after they play the Pack to make sure he doesn't pass along any info. That way they could lose by 30 instead of 20.

Clay Matthews is still banged up but should be back this week. I hope the Packers take it easy with him against this team.

Prediction: Packers 33, Bills 10