August 03, 2010

A few other random NFL thoughts

Teams I'm down on this year, relative to my perception of the preseason hype

  • The Jets - I just have no faith in the Sanchize. At all.

  • The Steelers - for obvious reasons. Even when Roethlisberger is back he'll be rusty, and I think that team was showing signs of age last year

  • The Cowboys - No particular reason other than I think Romo sucks

I would include the Redskins, but everyone already knows they're going to suck (again) this year.

Teams I think will surprise this year

  • Baltimore - I just really like this squad for some reason. Can't put my finger on it

  • Cincinnati - Everyone loves to bloviate about the TO+Ochocinco combo, but FWIW I think those two love to have fun, and I think they'll draw that out of one another. I'm also a big Carson Palmer partisan - I think he's underrated by many. They were throwing less last year, but I think that was more of a factor of Ochocinco being their only real threat and Benson's incredible year (though he definitely won't repeat that). The AFC North should be a great division to watch this year