September 25, 2010

That's more like it: Badgers win 70-3

Wisconsin won 70-3 in a well-executed, and, most importantly, mistake-free game vs Pile of Electronics State. Every aspect of the team was firing on all cylinders, and freshman RB James White was especially impressive, tallying 4 touchdowns and 146 yards. The Badgers scored touchdowns on their first ten drives, averaging 9.1 yards per play. I'm still wary of this team after the last two games, but this is what I've been looking for. Good teams blow bad teams out of the water.

Game MVP: Barry Alvarez and/or Pat Richter, for scheduling this game in the first place

Tip o' the cap: James White for further proving that he belongs ahead of Montee Ball on the depth chart

Wag of the finger: The Wisconsin second-team offense, for failing to uphold their double-digit touchdown drive streak with 11 minutes left in the fourth quarter.


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