March 25, 2006


There's no question that this team will score the most runs in all of baseball. The only 'hole' in their lineup is Bernie Williams at DH, as he has long ago run out of gas. However, this team will probably give up a ton of runs as well. Their defense is pretty dodgy, with Damon's total lack of a throwing arm and A-Rod's sketchy D at third. Despite his reputation, Jeter is a sub-par defensive player as well. Their pitchers will give plenty of opportunities for errors as well. All of their starters have question marks - Unit and Mussina are definitely on the decline, Chacon and Wang need to prove that last season was not a fluke, and Wright/Pavano need to prove that that they can stay uninjured for any sort of reasonable stretch. Even more telling, their bullpen is quite questionable. Rivera is still good, but he isn't Mr. Sandman anymore. After seeing Farnsworth in Chicago, I don't think that the Yankees' big investment in him will pay off either. He won't be able to handle the pressure of pitchin in New York. The rest of their guys are washed up starters - this team is really missing the Tom Gordon/Mike Stanton/Jeff Nelson/Steve Karsay type guys that were the workhorses of their staff on all those good Yankees teams.

Like I said earlier, it's a 50/50 chance between the Yanks and the Sox as to who will win the AL east, and whoever doesn't win the title between the two of them won't make hte playoffs at all.