March 01, 2006


Before I start talking about this team, did you see the crazy "Giants Idol" event they're holding this year.
The writeup
made it seem pretty cool - they even got Bonds to dress up in drag (see pic below). Apparently he was hilarious as "Paula Abdul."

I'm not a big Barry Bonds fan, but I think a lot of the "Barry Bonds is a dick" stuff is more related to how he treats the media as opposed to whether or not he actually is, in fact, a dick. This whole thing has made me think twice about whether he's an amenable guy or not (though it has not made me think twice about him and the steroids issue).

Anyway, the Giants. Everyone seems to be saying that they will win the NL West if Bonds stays healthy, but I don't agree with this. While their outfield would be pretty good offensively with the speedy Randy Winn, Barry Bonds and his giant head, and Jennie's boy Moises Alou, the rest of their offense is pretty forgettable. Though their bullpen looks decent, after Jason Schmidt they do not have the starting pitching needed to win the division. Morris was overpaid for and I think he is definitely on the decline. What is more important for the Giants is for their rookies/young players to do well (especially Lowry and Niekro). They certainly have the best chance to win the division after the Dodgers, but I'm not really seeing it.


Jen said...

A guy dresses up in drag and suddenly you're all over him . . . typical.

Here's why I'm not spending lots of time up at night rethinking the Barry Bonds is a dick thing - it's not how he treats the media, though that shows a certain toolishness - it's the steroids. They're illegal, they're terrible for your body, they make you a bad role model, and most of all - it's cheating.

Maybe I am a rule follower, but I don't believe in getting an edge any way you can. He would still have been an incrediable athelete without the drugs, but instead of challenging himself he took an easy, dishonest, illegal way out, and it's helping hurt baseball.

You yourself have said time and again that the players union in baseball is too strong and has too much say, and they are protecting scum like Barry and all of the others who disrespected themselves and the game by lying to fans. Because of his big name Barry can get away with doing whatever he wants, and the player's union, MLB, and even, as we have seen, Congress will do nothing about it.

I don't believe Buck Weaver cheated, and the Comish came down on him like a ton of bricks. When there is proof of a disease in baseball and professional sports, it is up to everyone to look past big names. Even if they look good in drag.

Quite the manifesto - didn't mean to turn this into a steroid thing.

Jen said...

I forgot to mention that Moises Alou is my boy.