March 27, 2006

I can't stop blogging!

Just felt like sharing more of my random thoughts, though these aren't baseball-related. As I mentioned earlier, we bought Buffy The Vampire Slayer for our anniversary 2 weeks ago. Since then, we've watched the entire series and most of the commentaries, featurettes, etc. I think it was a fantastic show - Joss Whedon truly is The Man when it comes to making TV shows. I still think Firefly is better, and it stirs up the what-might-have-been thoughts about the show. Joss admits in some of the Buffy featurettes that he was new to TV when he started the show, and to imagine, say, 5 seasons of Firefly with an experienced Joss at the helm is a thing of beauty. Sadly is was not meant to be...Oh well.

Since I love lists and rankings so much, here are a few Buffy-related top-5s of mine.

1. Spike
-No explanation needed. Badass, funny, and everything else rolled into one character.
2. Xander
-He really grew on me. He was very much my least favorite of the core characters through most of the series...but then towards the end I finally got him. The producers etc go through great lengths explaining how crucial Xander truly is to the show, and I love goony henchmen whatever side they are on.
3. Anya
-She's just so damn funny and energetic. It must be Bunnies!
4. Willow
-I liked her much better as Geek Willow than Witch Willow, though her relationship with Tara was the best of all on the show (rivaled only by Buffy-Spike)
5. Principal Wood
-He was quite badass, and had a great story arc.

Top 5 Villains
1. The Trio (I always call them the Geek Squad)
-They were just so funny. I also think that Warren was by far the scariest of all the story arc villains. When he pulls out the gun and shoots Buffy and Tara it was the only moment in the entire series when I almost fell out of my chair - I literally shouted "Holy Shit" as it happened. What really sets him apart is the fact that he is not a demon/monster/whatever, he's just simply a really really bad person. It's not his nature to be evil - he made his own choices and had many opportunities to get off the path he was on. Just a fucking scary guy, despite the hilariousness of the three nerds together. I was glad they kept Andrew around in season 7.

2. Spike/Drusilla/Evil Angel
-They were all so great - especially the dynamic after Angel went evil. He was so much more fun as Evil Bastard Angel than Dark Brooding Angel. Spike and Dru worked so well together, and I wished there was more Drusilla across the whole show. She was jsut so deliciously insane.

3. The Gentlemen
-These guys were just fucking terrifying, with the floating and their freaky smiles. Such a great episode.

4. Evil Faith
-She was pretty good, just for the whole Dark Slayer angle. She played really well off Buffy

5. Sweet
-This is more due to the awesomeness of the episode that he was in, though he really played the badass cool card very well, with all his tap dancing and crazy glares.

Honorary Mention - Harmony the Vampire
-Good lord, so funny. I can't decide if the unicorns or the i's dotted with smiley faces are funnier.

Top 5 Episodes
1. Once More With Feeling
-No doubt, best episode. I wasn't sure what it's deal would be, but about 10 seconds before Buffy started singing I figured out that it was a musical. So much stuff goes down in that episode, funny and plot-advancey. The songs really get stuck in your head too.

2. Hush
-Again, such a great concept for an episode. Joss Whedon just owns. The Gentlemen were such great monsters. They did such a great job keeping all the humor in the show despite the fact that there was no speaking at all. I just loved the whole overhead projector scene. I don't know what was funnier - Giles bringing background music or Anya eating popcorn while she watched it.

3. Fool for Love
-Probably the best of the Spike episodes, though there are many. It's probably the best episode that really fleshes out the Spike character. It just sheds a ton of light on his character and his relationship with Buffy, Druscilla, and Harmony and women in general, and we get to see him turn from foppish awful victorian poet to the Spike we know today.

4. Lies My Parents Told Me
-Again, more Spike background stuff. All the storylines going on are great - I think the whole Principal Wood arc was great and it was very nicely interwoven with the whole early Spike storyline. I don't think Jennie will ever forgive Giles for being in on Wood's plan for revenge.

5. Same Time, Same Place
-This demon deserves an honorable mention for scariest monster on the show. It was also a great episode all around.

Honorable Mentions
Conversations With Dead People
The Zeppo
Seeing Red

I could write more and more, but I should stop...