March 04, 2006

More previewage - Angels

I'm going to do the AL west next - luckily this division is quite easy to call (the A's should run away with the division)

The Angels are the only team with a remote chance of challenging the A's for the title. Their hitting and defense should be pretty good, though Vlad and Erstad are clearly declining in both categories. Catching should be a slight question mark for them, but this team's biggest question will be pitching. They just don't have the horses the A's have, though Colon, Weaver, and Lackey are no slouches. Their bullpen is still the great Angels bullpen we've become accustomed to seeing since their 2002 title run.

I bet that they will be competing with the White Sox/Indians for the AL wild card spot, and will probably win it over either of those teams (I think both of them will decline)