March 11, 2006

Devil Dogs

The Devil Rays are intriguing this year, for once. They certainly will not make hte playoffs this year, but it will be a different team than we are used to seeing. I think they will surprise many people with the pile of runs they will score this year - Baldelli and Crawford are crazy fast, and Cantu, Huff and hopfully Delmon Young (their can't-miss prospect) will drive in the runs. Lugo, Burroughs and Hall aren't very good, which may be a problem, but at least the team can play defense as well.

The reason why this team will not contend is their awful, awful pitching. Kazmir is the only decent pitcher on the entire staff, everyone else (starters and relievers will be lucky to have ERA's under 4.5. Look for this team to starting making a real push in 2 years, if they ever sign or develop any pitching.