March 27, 2006

Fantasy Baseball

My first draft went down yesterday, and I'm mildly pleased with it. I only made one mistake pick - taking Noah Lowry when I meant to take some other pitcher (don't remember who). This is a 6-team NL-Only league, 5x5 with roto format.

C Willingham
1B Dunn
2b Utley
3b Wright
SS Renteria
CI A Ramirez
MI Greene
OF Pierre
OF Winn
OF Lane
OF Murton
Util Alou
B C Jackson
B E Encarnasion

P C Zambrano
P Pettite
P K Wood
P N Lowry
P L Hernandez
P G Maddux
P Gagne
P Valverde
P M Gonzalez
P Howry
P Linebrink

I went a little Cub-heavy in this draft...and I was trying not to make so many homer picks. Oh well. I even got an ex-cub in Moises Alou. I can picture Jennie reading this and saying "Alouuuuu!"

The biggest holes in this team are in Saves and my catcher position. If this rookie works out I'm set, if not no big deal - it's not like C is a good NL position (Barrett is the best one for God's sake...) Hopefully these closers should work out - Gagne is coming back from injury and has been a little shaky spring, and Valverde and Gonzalez aren't on rock-solid ground in their positions. Howry has had a great spring, and if Linebrink doesn't work out I can just find the inevitable "reliever with a breakout year" as the season progresses.