June 09, 2006

Pitching News

Good news x2 today

Prior had a good outing yesterday in his AA rehab start. He had one brain cramp and gave up a 3 run homer in the first inning, then cruised for the rest of the game. I can't wait till he's back - he can knock Rusch out of the rotation again! He'll probably make 1 or 2 more starts for the AAA team, then we'll have him back.

Kerry Wood had his shoulder checked out again to make sure that his soreness was just the usual pitching soreness and not another injury, and he got a clean bill of shoulder health. He's going to throw on the side today, and if he's feeling good he'll be ready to go on Sunday.

If Wood isn't ready, we'll get to see Marmol pitching. After his 2 appearances this year I've already felt he should be in the rotation over Rusch. He's thrown 4 scoreless innings with several strikeouts, and hasn't even used all of his pitches yet! Hooray for glimpses of the future.