June 21, 2006


Hooray for air conditioning!

The A/C in our apartment has always been kind of spotty ever since we moved in. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't work very well, and sometimes it leaked water onto our carpet. We had it on all weekend because of the hot days (and even worse, warm nights) and on Monday it was barely blowing. I called up maintenance to ask them about it...I wasn't sure if it needed to have its filter cleaned or what.

When I got home yesterday I found an entirely new air conditioner in the apartment! They neglected to turn it on after they installed it so I switched it on. The thermostat read 80+ degrees when I turned it on. An hour later, it was already down to 68, and when we got up this morning it was below 60. Our old one could barely get it down to 70!

The other great thing is that this one is so much more quiet. We kept our old AC going full blast and kept a fan next to it for better air movement. My computer was right next to this whole apparatus and I entered a black hole of sound whenever I went over there. Now the new AC makes less noise and blows as much air as the old setup, to which I say w00t.