June 09, 2006

Finally updating

Finally making an update...I think I'll touch on a few points.

Now that the whole Cubs-Sox brawl has had some time to cool down, I acknowledge that the hit by Pierzynski was not a cheap shot, just smashmouth baseball. He's still a tool though, and I do feel that he's at least partially responsible for the fight. The plate slap was showing up the Cubs but that could be written off to enthusiasm, no big deal there. However, I still don't buy the whole "I was going to get my helmet" story - he is so full of crap. Who goes to pick up their helmet? That's what bat boys are for. He wanted to run into Barrett to try to get him to start something, and I'm still glad Michael punched him in the face. If nothing else, it could have hopefully given a spark to a listless Cubs team.

I don't know why MLB is dragging its feet on the whole suspension thing. I feel like they made the right decisions more or less on the suspensions (Mabry and Pierzynski didn't do any actual fighting, hence no suspensions for them). Hopefully we'll know at some point...and Soto or Fox can fill in nicely for Barrett, as Blanco is a terrible everyday catcher.