June 09, 2006

Batting update

Things are starting to look a little better offensively for the team.

Among the slumping players, there seems to be some hope. Juan Pierre has raised his average to .250 which still sucks...but it is better than the .215 he was hitting before. Here's hoping he gets better. Similarly, Ramirez's bat has shown some signs of awakening from it's early season slumber. He's always been a slow starter anyway. Murton has proven to be an incredibly streaky hitter.

The best hitter on our team the past few weeks has by far been Jacque Jones, who is now hitting over .300 - exactly as he promised when he signed with the Cubs after his sub-par season last year (take that, Rob Neyer!).

Cedeno, Walker, and Barrett also continue to his around .300, and Womack should be playing at 2nd whenever Nevin isn't playing first. I think that Nevin was a great acquisition too. Though I agree that they picked him up a month later than he was needed...he wasn't available until around when we got him, and the rest of the possible trades out there were terrible.

We just need to hit a good stretch, where more than one batter is hot for once. Also, the less Neifi Perez there is in the lineup the better it will be.