June 09, 2006

Non-baseball update!

I've been doing research on various numerical algorithms for solving some fancy wave-modelling equations. I might put some pics up on my math website someday when I'm not feeling so lazy.

As I mentioned a while back, Jim managed to lure me back into WoW. I now have a lvl 35 Warrior on Dentarg. He managed to lure several old high school folks, including my brother, his girlfriend, her brother, and another of their friends. We're in a PvP guild and have had a good time PvPing it up - I'm a big Warsong Gulch fan.

I've read a bunch of (gasp!) new books this summer too. I read the first book (Shaman's Crossing) in the new series by one of my favorite fantasy authors and was merely whelmed by it (not over or underwhelmed). I'll probably buy the next book when it comes out...probably used though. I also read The Briar King, which was also whelming (though slightly more so than SC), I just bought the next book and plan to read it sometime soon.

Currently, however, I am reading Cryptonomicon (which was recommended several times to me by Marijka). Just as an adventure novel it's quite awesome - it gets bonus points for bringing up all sorts of cool math and CS stuff. It makes me want to go take an information theory class!

Last night we went to see The Taffetas - the first of the three shows that Jennie is working on this summer. It was a hilarious show - good tunes and tons of retro humor. There are 2 more shows this sumemr and I'm looking forward to seeing them.


Marijka said...

Good to hear you are getting some quality summer activities under your belt.