February 19, 2006

New Blog!

I was talking to Jennie the other day, and I decided that I shouldn't inflict my baseball-related ramblings on a single person. Then again, as not many people will likely be reading this blog, it's not like the punishment will be spread around very much.

My plan is basically to put any of my baseball-related thoughts (and maybe other stuff) somewhere where others can read them later. Prepare to be amused and confused, I'm usually not very coherent. It will likely soon be obvious that I am a Cubs fan, and once the season starts a large part of my blogging will be related to them and to my perennially underachieving fantasy teams.

For now though, I'm going to further fuel my excitement by writing my own team previews/thoughts/etc, hopefully for all 30 teams in the league before Opening Day, followed by my own predictions.