February 21, 2006


I'm watching PTI, and they just mentioned that the Daytona 500 telecast outdrew the World Series and the NBA finals. What the hell? Anyone who trivializes baseball down to "a bunch of guys standing around scratching themselves" could do the same to Nascar with "a bunch of guys driving in circles." I don't like Nascar, but I can see how others can find it interesting (though if I ever got into following racing, Formula 1 would be much more interesting). I just find this depressing, since it's another reminder that baseball will never become America's Pastime again (football passed it long ago, after the '94 strike).

On another note, I booked it home early today to catch Dom (from Megatokyo on Jeopardy today, only to find that it was pre-empted by the (usually) incredibly boring Winter Olympics. Like I care about the Nordic Combined? It would still have been on except for the fact that our NBC affiliate keeps the mind-numbing Wheel of Fortune on in prime-time and shunts the more intelligent show into the much less prestigious "daytime" hours. I say boooo to you NBC. Boooo.

Speaking of the Olympics, the Winter Olympics are at least somewhat more interesting than the Summer Olympics, mainly due to curling. A competition with a strategy other than "be fast!" makes things far more interesting. Though I could really do without them, at least other non-sports like ice dancing justify the existence of other non-"athletic" sports. It would be great if they added other strategy-type stuff like chess, bridge, or poker to the Olympics too.


THE omni said...


IT's got my 2 favorites things: Nas and Cars!

Baseball only has balls... who cares about bases? I mean they're so much less useful than Nas.