February 20, 2006

My first preview thingy - Colorado Rockies

I'm going to start with the NL West because it's by far the least interesting division...the only interesting question is which of the teams suck the least. So, I'm going to start with the team that definitely sucks the most: the Rockies.

Bizarrely, for a team with a great hitting park the Rockies seem to be flush with scrub hitters. Helton is the only blue-chipper in the bunch, though Barmes might be someday barring any more grocery carrying incidents. As far as pitching goes, they seem to be focusing on so-so sinkerballers. If their GM was smart, they'd be trying anything to get groundball machines like Derek Lowe or Brandon Webb on their team. At least their closer is pretty good. Rob Neyer (I think) pointed out a few days ago that moving their fences in would do them a lot of good, as their whole humidor-ball program has limited the number of home run balls...however the massive size of the park is still allowing tons of doubles and triples. If they ever found the rest of the formula to nullify the Coors effect, then they might be in business to actually compete without radical personnel strategies. Until then they will remain perennial losers as always. This feels like another 100 loss team this year.


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