February 20, 2006

D'backs - some promise

Continuing our trend of lousy teams, we now look at the Diamondbacks. They have some real players on their team, and some highly touted youngsters that probably won't break through until next season. They have no superstars on their team, but they do have a bunch of good (or formerly great) players in Green, Gonzalez, and Estrada. Their defense is much better with Hudson at second base and should make Brandon Webb a great pitcher this year.

However, after Webb they don't have anything worth mentioning. The rest of their rotation consists of underachieving and overrated, over the hill pitchers like El Duque, Batista, and Russ Ortiz. Their bullpen should be okay, but only Valverde is lights out. As for the rest, it will likely be hit or miss (figuratively and literally) as to whether they stick around.

This team will likely suprise people, and will probably finish with 70 wins or so due to its offense. You can only go so far with crappy pitching.