October 02, 2010

Wisconsin 24 - 34 Michigan State: What we learned this week

  1. Winning on the road in the Big 10 is hard. aOSU struggled to put away Illinois (and was helped by some shady refereeing), NW had a slugfest with lowly Minnesota in Minneapolis, and Michigan and Indiana both forgot to bring their defenses to Bloomington. I would be shocked if PSU is in the game very long at Iowa either.

  2. James White is pretty good. Maybe even better than Clay now that he's banged up.

  3. Nick Toon is an average receiver with the prestige of his family name. He's not a difference maker.

  4. Most importantly, Bret Bielema has to go. They're not going to fire him mid-season, but for a long time this team just simply has been poorly prepared for its opponents. Michigan State's coach wasn't even there today, and special teams (which Bielema has been involved in for years) has been awful for a long time.