October 28, 2010

Big Ten Power Poll: Week 4

1. Michigan State (8-0, 4-0)
Still has the best chance to run the table, and they have all the advantages in the B10 tiebreakers due to their win over UW and their non-scheduling of aOSU. If they win at Iowa this week there's a decent chance that they play for the national title.

2. Wisconsin (7-1, 3-1)
3. an Ohio State University (7-1, 3-1)
I almost ranked aOSU above them, since it's inevitable that even if both teams win out OSU will be ahead of UW in the BCS rankings, further diminishing their chances at both the Rose Bowl and a BCS game. It's disappointing, but taking a quick glance at the season results UW wouldn't be in this position if they scheduled some better nonconference opponents. Preseason poll inertia aside, aOSU beat Miami earlier this season, whereas Wisconsin's 'best' opponent was Arizona State. That said, it will be interesting to see the computer rankings for these teams. Wisconsin's signature wins will be over aOSU and Iowa, and OSU's would be over...who exactly? Miami and a potential win at Iowa, which is nothing you can count on.

4. Iowa (5-2, 2-1)
Too many mistakes doomed them against Wisconsin, but the schedule still works in their favor to put up a great final Big 10 record. Their loss to Arizona all but guarantees that they won't be in the Rose Bowl or some other BCS bowl, however.

(big gap)

5. Illinois (4-3, 2-1)
6. Northwestern (5-2, 1-2)
I'm still shaking my fist at Northwestern for not being able to close the door on Sparty. Even in a week where Wisconsin doesn't play them, they're still throwing a wrench into the works.

7. Denard Robinson (5-2, 1-2)
8. Penn State (4-3, 1-2)
It could just be that I'm not watching enough BTN, but I miss the Big Ten commercial that they used to run with all the coaches that ended with a deranged-looking Paterno growling/shouting "COME TO PENN STATE!!!" at the end.

9. Purdue (4-3, 2-1)
10. Indiana (4-3, 0-3)


Ben said...

I also noticed the absence of my favorite commercial on BTN.

uncle dave said...

Paterno's easily the best part of media day, year in and year out.