April 16, 2009

Small sample size alert!

The buzz of the Cubs blogosphere is that Cotts isn't long for this team, and think that he should be released tomorrow. That's a pretty ridiculous proposition - Cotts has only pitched 2 2/3 innings this season. He hasn't looked great out there, but I would be far more worried with a reliever if he was coughing up HR. In his 2 2/3 innings, he has walked 2 batters and given up four singles. He has given up 2 line drives and 7 groundballs, and only walked 2 batters. Cotts is no great shakes and I wish we had gone after Ohman or Beimel, but that ship has sailed. Cotts is an average reliever, and it should not be surprising that he has given up some runs. If these kinds of numbers continue to play out for his next 10 appearances or so, then I'll be worried.