December 04, 2006

Lilly signs with Cubs (?), more rumors

Jayson Stark is reporting that the Cubs will sign Ted Lilly. I'm not super wild about this deal...I'm not sure what I think about Lilly. He's a flyball pitcher, which would suggest he is a bad choice for wrigley given our lousy outfield defense and small park. He did manage to keep a decent ERA while pitching in the brutal AL east. However, he was pitching at the Skydome (or whatever it is called now), and that place is such a barn. If I were to rank the (remaining) free agent pitchers, I would put him near the end


All of them have issues...Schmidt and Zito are the only real proven innings horses here. Schmidt is getting older though, and I've never trusted Zito somehow he never seems as good as his numbers. Meche is a perpetual upside guy, but who knows if he'll ever meet the projections people have been giving him - why hasn't he broken out yet? Padilla is a sullen loner and is rumored to have alcoholism issues.

In other news, the Cubs offered Jones (+ one prospect probably) for Jason Jennings. This is the kind of pitcher I want - a groundball machine. I hope we get him.

Hendry also came out to say that he is not trading Matt Murton, which is great news. As was pointed out, he's the best hitting prospect to come out of our system in a long time.