December 02, 2006

Damn you, Kwong

I went over to Brian's house today to play with his new Wii. It was pretty damn cool. We played a few of the Wii sports games, and then he showed me the new Zelda game. It looked pretty cool, and it got me all in the mood for older Zelda games.

I have kind of a strange relationship with Zelda games these days. I must have played Link to the Past half a hundred times...though I never managed to enter the triple zero club in that game. I loved Link's Awakening on the game boy too, though from what I read later I was one of the few who did. So as you could guess, when Ocarina of Time came out for the N64 I was beside myself with excitement. Sadly, while the game was a pretty solid game, I was really disappointed in it because I expected it to be the second coming of the game that I played obsessively as a kid. The story was kind of clumsy (I was older and more used to great stories), I hated the 3d environment gameplay, and it just wasn't well LttP! I didn't even finish the game, I just got tired of it.

2 or 3 years later I came back to it and played through it again, and realized that it was actually a pretty good game. I had a good time once it didn't have to live up to my gargantuan reputation. By then, however, FF had earned my total loyalty so I got a PS2 to stick with that franchise. Thus I barely ever saw any of the gamecube games, including the apparently fantastic wind waker. Seeing the new game really brought it all back though. I got home and immdiately downloaded a N64 emulator so I could fire up some Ocarina of Time.