November 10, 2010

Nagging Badger worries

I'm missing this week's home game against Indiana (as I'll be watching my brother get married), but I'm starting to have some nagging worries. It's starting to look like Wisconsin might be without both John Clay and James White this week. That said, they were without both of those players in the second half of last week's Purdue game and the Badgers took care of business, so who knows what will happen. My big worry is that the team will write off this game much as I have been doing for the past few weeks and will be surprised by a team that came within a dropped pass of beating Iowa last week. Here's hoping the home-field advantage shows up for the team this week, and the coaches continue to show the preparation, motivation skills, and general adjustability we've seen in the past three games.


Ben said...

How inconsiderate of your brother to get married during football season. I presume he is missing PSU vs OSU as well? I myself have to record it due to conference responsibilities. The world is generally not sensitive enough to the time commitments involved in being a college football fan.

Berselius said...

This was the very definition of worries (unfounded)

Mahmood said...

best wishes for the coming season!
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