May 02, 2010

New Dogs!

We adopted two new dogs today - Honey and Lucky

Honey (the female) is 5 and Lucky (the male) is 7. Their bio didn't specifically say so, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were brother + sister. They were surrendered to rescue when their former owners were divorced and could not care for them on their own. It looks like Lucky has cataracts but we heard conflicting information from the rescue people.

We've only had them for a day and they've already settled in. Lucky is much more laid back and likes to hang out with his people. Honey is much more active and likes to keep an eye on everything - she likes to sleep on top of the couch/chair in our living room, and checks out the windows from time to time when we have the curtains open. Honey has a natural tail and it's absolutely beautiful - it looks a lot like a golden retriever's tail.

Kira was a little displeased when the dogs first turned up, but now she seems okay (though Jennie thinks that she's still not all that pleased). She and Lucky were sleeping next to each other this morning so things seem to be fine. I think the biggest issue is on walks, since she moves so much more slowly than the others due to her age and blindness. But I think having some dogs to lead the way should really help her out.


Brad said...

Count me jealous.

Avocados said...

Congrats! They are super cute.

mb21 said...

Those are just adorable, b. Congratulations.