April 07, 2010

Cubs start season 0-2

I'm not worried, though I did find the games a bit disappointing. I've been waiting for months for real baseball, only to be reminded of the following facts

1. Soriano still waves futiley at sliders down and away
2. I still hate the John Grabow signing
3. Ryan Theriot is frustrating to watch on defense, no matter what the metrics tell me
4. The Cubs continue to show terrible fundamentals in the field and on the basepaths
5. Jeff Samardzija should be catching footballs
6. Ron Santo is a year older but sounds about 10 years older. I'm worried about his health.

But, on the bright side
1. I still love watching baseball, and watched/listened to all of the home opener despite how much it brought me down from my pre-game optimism and anticipation.
2. Jason Heyward. Wow.
3. Sean Marshall has looked dominating as a reliever. Someone mentioned on ACB that he might be this year's DeRosa.

The Braves are a really good ballclub - possibly the best or second-best team in the NL (up there with the Phillies). We shouldn't be surprised that a fringy team like the Cubs would lose a road series to (or get swept by) a top team like this.


baseballjen said...

It's very frustrating, even though I know the Braves are tough to beat. I think my issues with the first two games are that they were lost due to either lack of fundamentals, or the bad Grabow signing. I'm fine with losing "fair and square". Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

Anonymous said...

i don't really feel much about the cubs being 0-2. i know i'm supposed to, but for some reason i don't.

hey b, you gonna watch the uw pucks game tomorrow? i think it's on at 4. i like them in the semi's, i'm worried about the final. especially if they get miami.


Berselius said...

If I can find a station to watch it, I might (no cable/dish). I'll probably just catch some of it on the radio before the Cubs game.

Anonymous said...

try justin.tv. i watched the games last week over there.

AK said...

Jason Heyward is going to kill someone with a line drive. Seriously, someone's going to get hurt unless MLB forces him to use a shorter bat like in co-ed softball.