February 08, 2010

Congrats to the Saints

Not only did they win their first Super Bowl in franchise history, but they did so by beating Hall of Fame QBs (Warner, Favre, Manning) in three straight playoff games. After the Saints scored the TD and 2-pt conversion to put them up by 7, I told my wife 'if I had money to gamble with, I would bet it all on Manning leading a drive for a TD here'. The lesson is, as always, NEVER GAMBLE (dying laughing).

Commercials were pretty lousy again this year - the only ones I really remember were the Betty White/Abe Vigoda one and the Letterman one with Leno and Oprah. My expectations have lowered so much that it wasn't a big deal though.


CCD said...

i've kind of quit watching the sb commercials. i used to not miss them. now i get up and go get some chips. i figure if any of them are funny they'll be all over the interweb in a matter of minutes.