September 25, 2009


Our dog Zeus passed away today from heart failure.

We knew this was coming at some point after the problems he had last December, but it was still a surprise. He bounced back so well that I was starting to hope that he'd hang on for a lot longer...but this is the way things go for sick old dogs. He had recovered enough to take trips to the dog park again, and even went earlier this week. It's his favorite place! He had a sudden change on Wednesday though, and attempts to stabilize him by increasing his medication did not work. He headed on up to the sprit in the sky this morning at the vet's office, and I hope he's running through the fields with his Cocker friends, chasing all the squirrels he could ever want.

We love you, buddy. See you on the other side.

UPDATE: Here's his memorial page on SCR


Avocados said...

Awww...I'm sorry to hear it. At least you were able to give him a wonderful, healthy, elder life.