May 10, 2009

Good news

We took the dogs into the vet yesterday for a series of shots/checkups, and got good news on our buddy Zeus.

Zeus is an older dog that we adopted from rescue last May. He started to develop some heart problems last fall. We're not sure if it's genetic, due to old age, or due to the fact that he was very overweight and fed a poor diet for most of his life, but it is what it is, as they say. Last December he had complications due to his heart issues and almost died before the vet was able to stabilize him. He wasn't sure if Zeus was even going to survive the winter, and advised us to be careful about overexerting him, which meant no more dog park visits (his favorite place!).

However, since then he has responded very well to his new medications and his heart murmur has almost completely disappeared. Our vet has dialed down his medication some and cleared him to return to the dog park! We're going to take him back tomorrow for his first visit in almost 6 months to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of his adoption.


Ben said...

Yeah Zeus!

MB21 said...

Excellent. Very good news for Zeus.