March 20, 2009

In Support of Sammy Sosa

I don't have time to put out a long post on this, but wpbc and wv23 (here, here, and here) have done a good job addressing the poor treatment Sosa as received from Cubs fans and the media.

Sosa, Zambrano, and Prior (in that order) have been my favorite players since I actually started following the team. Sosa and Zambrano remind me of each other actually - they're both kind of goofy guys who love playing baseball (and are quite good at it), and it's telling that Zambrano has been both my favorite player and my wife's favorite since Sosa was traded away. Our favorite memory of Sosa is the commerical he did for MLB's "I live for this" campaign a few years back (probably 2003) where he talked about how he was living the dream, playing for the Cubs at "Wrig-a-lee" field (we still often refer to Wrigley like this, from our love of Sosa). He gave his all to the team and poured his heart out for the fans, and deserves better from all of us. I hope Ricketts is a Sosa fan, because Sosa's number is the obvious next choice to be flying from the flagpoles.


doviejay said...

Yay for the Sosa love. And Zambrano. He is my boy now.