November 15, 2008

More speculation

Not 5 minutes after I made that post, I saw this article, that suggests that the Cubs might be interested in Randy Johnson. I'm kind of iffy on this - he's 45 and has those nagging back problems. He would be a good replacement for Marquis, but then we would have to move Marquis (who is NOT going to the bullpen). Marquis could probably be flipped to another team, now that he only has a year left on his contract (and does have the innings-eater rep). Still, he's owed 8 million or so, so that's probably going to be a sunk cost one way or another (we might have to trade for salary). If we could make him part of a RF trade that was more of a dollar-for-dollar type situation that would be nice, but I can't think of anyone that would be a good partner there off the top of my head.