April 18, 2007

Soriano Injured, Pie called up

Was pretty distressing to see that Soriano was hurt, though thankfully it wasn't very serious. Pie was called up and he looked good in his debut. I was unhappy with the fact that they bumped Guzman from the roster to make room for him, but word is that he's going to be starting in AAA. He's been looking great so far this season so I hope it's just a matter of time before he becomes our fifth starter. I was really hoping they'd release Ohman, who has just been awful thus far this season.

I really hope Pie impresses and sticks around...if so the Cubs will have an excuse to break up some of their OF logjam. Since Pie is a lefty the Cubs can go ahead and trade Jacque Jones for a shortstop or some prospects. If they go ahead and release Ohman and eventually Miller I'd love to see this Lineup/Roster

CF/RF Soriano
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
C Barrett
LF Murton/Floyd
2B DeRosa
SS Izturis

B Floyd
B Ward
B Cedeno
B Theriot
B Blanco

1 Zambrano
2 Hill
3 Lilly
4 Marquis
5 Guzman

C Dempster
B Howry
B Eyre
B Cotts
B Wuertz
B Cherry
B Wood/Miller/Marmol/Novoa