November 14, 2006

DeRosa signs

Derosa just signed with the Cubs

I'm not super-wild about this signing, though I don't think it is a bad one per se. It might end up being a deal for the Cubs in the long run, with the way the market may be working out this offseason. DeRosa would be a great #2 hitter, and could maybe leadoff, though I would prefer Soriano or Roberts in that position if we get one of the two of them for CF. So this is my new expecation of our starting lineup for next season

CF Roberts/Soriano/Matthews/Pierre/Pie
2B DeRosa
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
RF Jones
LF Murton
C Barrett
SS Izturis

B Blanco
B Theriot
B Pagan
B Moore/Cedeno
B Bynum/Cedeno

Trade Bait (for pitching)
Jones or Murton - if we can sign C Lee or Drew