September 02, 2012

Randomannual football predictions

Every year I try to use my extreme lack of knowledge to predict the NFL season and occasionally the Big Ten. I never actually go back and look at them though (laughing). Here are my NFL picks from last year (actual results in italics)

AFC Playoff teams:

North: Steelers (12-4)   Ravens 12-4
East: Pats (12-4) Pats 13-3
South: Texans (9-7) Texans 10-6
West: Chargers (12-4) Denver 8-8
WC: Ravens (9-7) Steelers 12-4
WC: Jets (9-7) Bengals 9-7

NFC Playoff teams:

North: Packers (11-5) Packers 15-1 (!)
East: Eagles (11-5) Giants 9-7
South: Saints (10-6) Saints 13-3
West: Rams (9-7) Niners 14-2 (self-directed facepalm at Rams pick)
WC: Cowboys (10-6) Falcons 10-6
WC: Lions (9-7) Lions 10-6

NFC North:

Packers: 11-5 15-1
Lions: 9-7 10-6
Vikings: 7-9 3-13
Bears: 4-12 8-8

Super Bowl: Steelers over Saints Giants over Patriots

Final Tally: 4 out of 8 division winners, 6 out of 12 playoff teams. I kind of underestimated the Bears last year (laughing). And I have no idea how I gave a Vikings team led by Christian Ponder 7 wins. Here's my NFL WAGs for this year

AFC Playoff Teams
East: Patriots 13-3
North: Ravens 11-5
South: Houston 12-4
West: Chargers 9-7
WC: Buffalo 10-6
WC: Pittsburgh 9-7

NFC Playoff Teams
East: Giants 10-6
North: Packers 12-4
South: Falcons 10-6
West: Niners 12-4
WC:  Lions 10-7
WC:  Eagles 9-7

NFC Central
Packers 12-4
Lions 10-7
Bears 9-7
Vikings 4-12

Bonus: Big Ten Standings (I refuse to use their stupid division names)

Division  1
Wisconsin 7-1 (They get aOSU and MSU at home, Nebraska on the road)
aOSU 6-2
Illinois 4-4
Purdue 3-5
Penn State 2-6
Indiana 1-7

Divison 2 
Sparty 6-2
Nebraska 6-2
Michigan 5-3
Iowa 4-4
NW 3-5
Minnesota 1-7


Ben said...

I basically agreed with your Leaders division picks preseason. With OSU/PSU being ineligible for the Championship game, I figured UW was a lock. Blythe and I bought tickets. Now however, I am pretty nervous that the Division will finish like this:

crappy team whose name begins w/ I
another CTWNBWI

The badgers need to get it together!

Berselius said...

Of all the things I was worried about going into the season, the likelihood of Wisconsin being unable to run block was just a bit ahead of the chance that Camp Randall would be hit by a meteor. This season has been unreal.

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