September 14, 2008

Everything's coming up Milhouse! (Cubs edition)

What a day of baseball for the Chicago Cubs.

1, Hurricane Ike moves this series vs. the Astros to Wrigley Field North.

2. The Phillies sweep a doubleheader vs the Brewers

3. Carlos Zambrano, coming off a shoulder injury that caused him to miss 2 weeks, throws a no-hitter against the Astros.

I would say there are no words, but I just wrote some.

As an aside - the no-hitter is great, but I feel AWFUL for the Astros. Their money-grabbing owner combined with MLB's incompetence trapped them in Houston to ride out the storm, when some actual planning could have moved this game to a more neutral site for them. They leave today, while the city is still in shambles, fly to what amounts to a road game for them, and get no-hit.

By the way - I say Go Brewers AND Go Phillies. If the Phils win the NL east and the Brewers take the WC then the Cubs play the NL west winner (i.e., the Dodgers). Not that the Dodgers aren't a bad team, but I would rather play them than a possible Phillies/Mets WC.


Ben said...

Go cubs indeed.

For the Phils to win the division, they need to outplay the Mets down the stretch. The two teams play basically the same schedule, except the Mets play the Cubs for a series where the Phils play the Braves.

Similarly, the Phillies need to outplay the Brewers for the wildcard, who also still have to play the Cubs a bunch.

Go Cubs Go!